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Marti Fate


This week at market......

As we anxiously await the first tender seedling to burst through the cool ground, we are ever grateful for the local bounty our Grower's Market provides.
We will come to rely, as in past years, on the hand raised produce, carefully cultivated for flavor and health.

Count the days until fresh sweet peaches are in your hands, locally raised buffalo is on your grill, and artisan handmade breads, cheese and honey grace your table.

For more information on 2008's Market please call or e-mail.

Marti Fate
Market Manager

About the Market

The Growers Market is community in action. For growers and artisans it is a way of life. Our customers experience a sensory extravaganza; spicy petunias, roses and chives, rosemary, thyme, and lavenders, fresh peaches, ripe tomatoes, coffee brewing and donuts frying, wind chimes, hand-scented soaps and tea bags for the bathtub. A guitar player near the strawberry bed and a brother-sister duo playing bluegrass down by the coreopsis, a silversmith, and an artist in oils, stained glass; the riches of the region shared by friends and neighbors. Fresh eggs, specialty breads, cakes, pies, honey, Natural organic beef, buffalo, seafood, and wood products round out the variety. Members attend from Medford, Butte Falls, Winston, Canyonville, Gold Hill, Roseburg and the Illinois Valley.

History of the Market

The Market's Board of Directors, its management and its membership have a long history of community involvement in the various issues facing the area.

In 1986, the Market was a founding member of the Oregon Farmers Market Assoc., started Medford's market in cooperation with their Downtown Development Association in 1987 and helped the markets in Beaverton and Gresham with start-up.

In 1989 it was part of the pilot project of WIC coupons currently used in the market system throughout Oregon. Also in 1989, the Market provided over 3 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a variety of gourmet processed foods at the 1989 Agri-fair held in Portland to celebrate agriculture in the state of Oregon.

In 1990, the Market, the City of Grants Pass and the Towne Center Association, along with various other state and federal agencies wrote a grant request to turn an ugly mud-hole behind the Post Office into a multi-purpose parking lot facility. It was to provide a permanent home for the Growers Market, parking for downtown, and a facility for celebrations and festivities in the heart of Grants Pass.

After two rounds through Economic Development, the project was funded and in March of 1993, the Market opened in permanent quarters. Members of the Market provided the landscaping and irrigation and maintain both the lot where the market is held and a green belt area designed for pedestrian use.

In 1995, the project was named the best downtown development project in the state.